Name Location Description
xregexp_api_get_file_version ./xregexp_api.module Get the version of XRegExp files.
xregexp_api_get_version ./xregexp_api.module Get the highest installed version of XRegExp.
xregexp_api_libraries_info ./xregexp_api.module Implements hook_libraries_info().
xregexp_api_menu ./xregexp_api.module Implements hook_menu().
xregexp_api_requirements ./xregexp_api.module Implements hook_requirements()
xregexp_api_settings_form ./
xregexp_check_variant ./xregexp_api.module Check if a variant is present. All variants are present or they didn't get listed so thats a litle redundant
xregexp_pre_load ./xregexp_api.module Load files based on settings
_xregexp_api_plugins ./xregexp_api.module

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