Name Description
CHANGELOG.txt 2012-05-29 ---------- Fixed Label and Description. Giving an unique id to each table. Fixed Submission Email Field Order
README.txt This module will add a new component to webform module that allows you to render multiple components inside a table element ; $Id: name = Webform Table Element description = Table Element for the Webform module. core = 7.x package = Webform dependencies[] = webform files[] = tests/webform_table_element.test
webform_table_element.module Table element for webform
webform_table_element_formbuilder/ ; $Id: name = Webform table element Form Builder support description = Add form builder support for table element for the webform module. core = 7.x package = Webform dependencies[] = webform dependencies[] = form_builder_webform dependencies[] =…

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