Webform Module Hooks

  1. 7.x-3.x webform.api.php webform_hooks
  2. 7.x-4.x webform.api.php webform_hooks

Webform's hooks enable other modules to intercept events within Webform, such as the completion of a submission or adding validation. Webform's hooks also allow other modules to provide additional components for use within forms.

Functions & methods

hook_webform_component_delete./webform.api.phpRespond to a Webform component being deleted.
hook_webform_component_info./webform.api.phpDefine components to Webform.
hook_webform_component_info_alter./webform.api.phpAlter the list of available Webform components.
hook_webform_component_insert./webform.api.phpRespond to a Webform component being inserted into the database.
hook_webform_component_load./webform.api.phpModify a loaded Webform component.
hook_webform_component_presave./webform.api.phpModify a Webform component before it is saved to the database.
hook_webform_component_update./webform.api.phpRespond to a Webform component being updated in the database.
hook_webform_results_access./webform.api.phpDetermine if a user has access to see the results of a webform.
hook_webform_select_options_info./webform.api.phpDefine callbacks that can be used as select list options.
hook_webform_select_options_info_alter./webform.api.phpAlter the list of select list options provided by Webform and other modules.
hook_webform_submission_access./webform.api.phpAlter access to a Webform submission.
hook_webform_submission_actions./webform.api.phpProvide a list of actions that can be executed on a submission.
hook_webform_submission_delete./webform.api.phpRespond to a Webform submission being deleted.
hook_webform_submission_insert./webform.api.phpRespond to a Webform submission being inserted.
hook_webform_submission_load./webform.api.phpRespond to the loading of Webform submissions.
hook_webform_submission_presave./webform.api.phpModify a Webform submission, prior to saving it in the database.
hook_webform_submission_render_alter./webform.api.phpAlter the display of a Webform submission.
hook_webform_submission_update./webform.api.phpRespond to a Webform submission being updated.
webform_options_example./webform.api.phpThis is an example function to demonstrate a webform options callback.
_webform_attachments_component./webform.api.phpReturn an array of files associated with the component.


./webform.api.php, line 8
Sample hooks demonstrating usage in Webform.