Name Location Description
services_ipauth_ip_is_in_range ./services_ipauth.module Check if an IP address is in a certain range.
services_ipauth_ip_quad_matches ./services_ipauth.module Check if a IP quadrant matches.
services_ipauth_is_ip_range ./services_ipauth.module Helper function to see if the ip address represents a single address or a range.
services_ipauth_is_valid_ip_range ./services_ipauth.module Check if the given IP address is a valid range.
services_ipauth_services_authentication_info ./services_ipauth.module Implementation of hook_services_authentication().
_services_ipauth_authenticate_call ./ Authenticate call.
_services_ipauth_ips_validate ./ #element_validate callback to validate IP addresses (one per line).
_services_ipauth_security_settings ./ Security settings form.

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