Name Location Description
hook_nedstat_countername_alter ./ Implements hook_nedstat_countername_alter This function allows you to alter the countername
hook_nedstat_labels ./ Implements hook_nedstat_labels()
nedstat_admin_settings_form includes/ Returns a form for default nedstat configuration settings
nedstat_build_label includes/ Builds a label object based on the values given
nedstat_campaigns_measurement ./nedstat.module Campaigns measurement
nedstat_check_exclude ./nedstat.module Check if nedstat should be executed in this context
nedstat_cleanup_token_replacement ./nedstat.module Cleanup the replaced tokens
nedstat_click_in_measurement ./nedstat.module Click in measurement
nedstat_click_out_measurement ./nedstat.module Click out measurement
nedstat_exclude_form includes/ Returns a form to exclude nedstat on certain pages or user roles
nedstat_fetch_node_from_page_build ./nedstat.module Fetch node object from page if exists
nedstat_filter_label_data includes/ Filter the label data to an array of key values (label/value)
nedstat_get_countername ./nedstat.module Returns a countername based on content-type or url
nedstat_get_js_countername ./nedstat.module Get js countername with prefix & suffix
nedstat_get_sitestat_base_url ./nedstat.module Returns a sitestat base url;
nedstat_get_sitestat_url ./nedstat.module Build the sitestat_url based on the given vars
nedstat_install ./nedstat.install Implements hook_install()
nedstat_labels_overview_page includes/ Returns a overview of all labels
nedstat_label_delete includes/ Removes a label and all corresponding options from database
nedstat_label_delete_form includes/ Returns a confirmation form to delete the label
nedstat_label_delete_form_submit includes/ Submit handler to delete a label
nedstat_label_form includes/ Returns a form to add/edit nedstat label
nedstat_label_form_submit includes/ Submit handler to handle the submitted values of the label form
nedstat_label_form_validate includes/ Validation handler to validate the label form
nedstat_label_id_load ./nedstat.module Menu helper, check/load label
nedstat_label_insert includes/ Insert a label into the database
nedstat_label_load includes/ Load a label based on id
nedstat_label_load_all includes/ Load all labels stored in the database
nedstat_label_options_ajax includes/ Display a new option
nedstat_label_options_more_options_submit includes/ Submithandler to add more options
nedstat_label_option_delete includes/ Removes a label option from database
nedstat_label_option_insert includes/ Insert a label option into the database
nedstat_label_option_load_all includes/ Load all options of a given label
nedstat_label_option_update includes/ Update a label option
nedstat_label_update includes/
nedstat_loadingtime_measurement ./nedstat.module Loading time measurement
nedstat_menu ./nedstat.module Implements hook_menu()
nedstat_normal_measurement ./nedstat.module Normal measurement
nedstat_page_build ./nedstat.module implementation hook_page_build
nedstat_path_add_form includes/ Returns a form to add/edit a path
nedstat_path_add_form_submit includes/ Submit handler for path form
nedstat_path_delete_form includes/ Returns a confirmation form to delete a path
nedstat_path_delete_form_submit includes/ Submithandler to delete a path
nedstat_path_form includes/ Returns a form to edit a countername based on url
nedstat_path_form_submit includes/ Submithandler of the edit path form
nedstat_path_form_validate includes/ Validation handler for path form Since we need this also for the edit form, we changed the name
nedstat_path_id_load ./nedstat.module Menu helper, check/load path
nedstat_path_load includes/ Load path based on id
nedstat_path_load_all includes/ Load all nedstat path counters
nedstat_path_load_by_url includes/ Load path based on url


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