Field Info API

Obtain information about Field API configuration.

The Field Info API exposes information about field types, fields, instances, bundles, widget types, display formatters, behaviors, and settings defined by or with the Field API.

See Field API for information about the other parts of the Field API.

Functions & methods

field_behaviors_widgetmodules/field/ the behavior of a widget with respect to an operation.
field_info_bundlesmodules/field/ information about existing bundles.
field_info_cache_clearmodules/field/ the field info cache without clearing the field data cache.
field_info_extra_fieldsmodules/field/ a list and settings of pseudo-field elements in a given bundle.
field_info_fieldmodules/field/ data about an individual field, given a field name.
field_info_fieldsmodules/field/ all field definitions.
field_info_field_by_idmodules/field/ data about an individual field, given a field ID.
field_info_field_by_idsmodules/field/ the same data as field_info_field_by_id() for every field.
field_info_field_settingsmodules/field/ a field type's default settings.
field_info_field_typesmodules/field/ information about field types from hook_field_info().
field_info_formatter_settingsmodules/field/ a field formatter's default settings.
field_info_formatter_typesmodules/field/ information about field formatters from hook_field_formatter_info().
field_info_instancemodules/field/ an array of instance data for a specific field and bundle.
field_info_instancesmodules/field/ information about field instances.
field_info_instance_settingsmodules/field/ a field type's default instance settings.
field_info_max_weightmodules/field/ the maximum weight of all the components in an entity.
field_info_storage_settingsmodules/field/ a field storage type's default settings.
field_info_storage_typesmodules/field/ information about field storage from hook_field_storage_info().
field_info_widget_settingsmodules/field/ a field widget's default settings.
field_info_widget_typesmodules/field/ information about field widgets from hook_field_widget_info().
_field_info_collate_fieldsmodules/field/ all information on existing fields and instances.
_field_info_collate_typesmodules/field/ all information on field types, widget types and related structures.
_field_info_prepare_extra_fieldsmodules/field/ 'extra fields' for the current run-time context.
_field_info_prepare_fieldmodules/field/ a field definition for the current run-time context.
_field_info_prepare_instancemodules/field/ an instance definition for the current run-time context.
_field_info_prepare_instance_displaymodules/field/ display specifications to the current run-time context.
_field_info_prepare_instance_widgetmodules/field/ widget specifications for the current run-time context.


modules/field/, line 8
Field Info API, providing information about available fields and field types.