Menu item types

Definitions for various menu item types.

Menu item definitions provide one of these constants, which are shortcuts for combinations of Menu flags.


MENU_CALLBACKincludes/menu.incMenu type -- A hidden, internal callback, typically used for API calls.
MENU_DEFAULT_LOCAL_TASKincludes/menu.incMenu type -- The "default" local task, which is initially active.
MENU_LOCAL_ACTIONincludes/menu.incMenu type -- An action specific to the parent, usually rendered as a link.
MENU_LOCAL_TASKincludes/menu.incMenu type -- A task specific to the parent item, usually rendered as a tab.
MENU_NORMAL_ITEMincludes/menu.incMenu type -- A "normal" menu item that's shown in menu and breadcrumbs.
MENU_SUGGESTED_ITEMincludes/menu.incMenu type -- A normal menu item, hidden until enabled by an administrator.


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API for the Drupal menu system.