Translation import/export API.

Functions to import and export translations.

These functions provide the ability to import translations from external files and to export translations and translation templates.

Functions & methods

_locale_export_get_stringsincludes/locale.incGenerates a structured array of all strings with translations in $language, if given. This array can be used to generate an export of the string in the database.
_locale_export_poincludes/locale.incWrite a generated PO or POT file to the output.
_locale_export_po_generateincludes/locale.incGenerates the PO(T) file contents for given strings.
_locale_export_remove_pluralincludes/locale.incRemoves plural index information from a string
_locale_export_stringincludes/locale.incPrint out a string on multiple lines
_locale_export_wrapincludes/locale.incCustom word wrapping for Portable Object (Template) files.
_locale_import_append_pluralincludes/locale.incModify a string to contain proper count indices
_locale_import_messageincludes/locale.incSets an error message occurred during locale file parsing.
_locale_import_one_stringincludes/locale.incImports a string into the database
_locale_import_one_string_dbincludes/locale.incImport one string into the database.
_locale_import_parse_arithmeticincludes/locale.incParses and sanitizes an arithmetic formula into a PHP expression
_locale_import_parse_headerincludes/locale.incParses a Gettext Portable Object file header
_locale_import_parse_plural_formsincludes/locale.incParses a Plural-Forms entry from a Gettext Portable Object file header
_locale_import_parse_quotedincludes/locale.incParses a string in quotes
_locale_import_poincludes/locale.incParses Gettext Portable Object file information and inserts into database
_locale_import_read_poincludes/locale.incParses Gettext Portable Object file into an array
_locale_import_shorten_commentsincludes/locale.incGenerate a short, one string version of the passed comment array
_locale_import_tokenize_formulaincludes/locale.incBackward compatible implementation of token_get_all() for formula parsing


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Administration functions for locale.module.